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Curved Insulating Glass

Curved glazed units consist of two or more pieces of glass separated by a cavity, hermetically sealed and filled with a desiccant to dehydrate the air inside the unit. Any combination of glasses from our extensive range can be used to make glazed units.

Curved insulating glass by its meaning consists of at least two panes of curved glasses, either annealed or tempered, mainly used for building pursuing the new, unique architectural style with required energy conservation. For traditional aluminum rigid specer, it is difficult to form a perfect curvature to take the shape of curved glasses, therefore is likely to cause the first sealant of butyl partly or completely fail to function, leading to the shortening of the service life and yet rise of rate of failure.

By using the flexible spacer and converse sealing technology, this problem is successfully solved. Triple sealing operation is provided for meeting the requirement of various loads on glass curtain walls.


  • Sound insulation
  • Helps reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss through improvements in SHGC and U-values when compared to ordinary non coated glass
  • Reduces heating and cooling energy costs
  • Incondensable at low temperature


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