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Solar Reflective Insulating Glass

Solar Reflective Insulating Glass comprises two or more plies of glass that are separated with aluminum spacer fully filled with desiccant, and the sides are sealed with high-strength sealant.

Solar insulating laminated glass provides the solar controlling properties of an insulating unit along with the safety features of the laminated inboard component.

The energy emitted from our Sun is referred to as solar energy or radiation. When glazed with select tinted, reflective and low-E glass, reduce the sun’s direct heat energy through the glass more efficiently  than ordinary single glazing. Solar control also refers to the ability of a glass to reduce visible light and UV transmittance. These select perform a solar control function by limiting to various degrees the transmittance of direct heat energy, visible light and UV transmission.


  • Solar and thermal control
  • Reduction of heat build up in summer
  • Reduction of winter heat loss and condensation
  • Lower air conditioning and heating energy costs
  • Improves occupant comfort, particularly next to windows by reducing hot and cold spots
  • Lower UV transmission

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