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Laminated Toughened Glass

Reduces solar heat gain and offers high levels of natural light to provide comfortable and pleasant environments in which to live and work.

The principle benefits of toughened laminated glass are its strength and performance under impact. It is capable of withstanding very large loads and in the unlikely event of being broken the resulting fragments will be retained by the interlayer. When properly glazed, it will normally remain in place until replacement is convenient. The strength of toughened laminated glass makes it ideal for use as balustrades and barriers, overhead canopies, glass floors, fins and for bomb blast resistance.

The inter layers have additional benefits. Standard inter layers reduce sound transmission, particularly at the higher frequencies. High performance acoustic inter layers provide enhanced sound control. Ultra-violet light transmission is reduced by 99% and solar control (tinted) inter layers are also available.

Product Range

  • Thickness from 7.52mm to 100mm¬† including 6.38, 8.38, 10.38,12.76,15.52,25.52, 31.52, 38.52mm etc.
  • Triple laminated glass available
  • Toughened laminate glass Safety glass From 9.52 mm
  • Panels up to 12000mm * 3300mm

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