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Laminated Heat-Strengthened Glass

Reduces solar heat gain and offers high levels of natural light to provide comfortable and pleasant environments in which to live and work.

Heat-strengthened glass provides necessary resistance to thermal stress associated with high performance glazing materials such as tinted glass, reflective glass and Low-E glass. It also provides necessary resistance to heat building up when using spandrels glass. When producing Heat strengthened laminated glass as compared to Tempered Laminated glass, Heat-strengthened glass allows the interlayer to laminated glass to adhere more evenly because of a flatter finish surface.

Heat-strengthened glass with its flatter surface also results in the facade having less optical distortions. With the exception of strength and breakage characteristic, heat-strengthened glass retains the normal properties of annealed glass including chemical resistance, hardness, expansion and deflection.


  • Heat-strengthened glass differs from tempered glass in surface compression; its mechanical strength is about 1.6-2 times that of annealed glass
  • Heat-strengthened glass has outstanding thermal stability, its flatness and light transmission is close to that of annealed glass and much better than that of tempered glass
  • HS Glass is 3 times more resistant to thermal stress in comparison to normal annealed glass.
  • It can withstand temperature difference of 100°C (in range of 50°C to 150°C) compared to ordinary annealed glass which can withstand up to 40°C.
  • Heat strengthened glass is that it is far less susceptible to spontaneous breakage.

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